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Diaphragm Mouth Calls

All my calls are small frames and very flexible tape. They are made with thin latex and are easy calls to blow. These calls are top quality, all are completely handmade by myself, P.W., and my stepdaughter T'mara. They have been tested and proven in the woods and on the stage many times over.

My oldest son, Shawn favors the 3-reed cut call. This call helped him win the MS State Championship Turkey Calling Title.

My youngest son, P.W. prefers the 2-reed cut call. This call helped him win the MS Open Turkey Calling Championship Title three times and two MS High Points Grand Champion Titles.

2-reed split - a two reed call, split a each corner to add a little rasp - makes nice yelps, clucks, and purrs - a good hunting call.
2- reed cut - a two reed call with two cuts in the center of the top reed - a good cutting call - medium rasp.
3-reed split - a three reed call, split at each corner to for a little raspier sound - a good all around call that will make any sound of the wild turkey you want.
 3-reed cut - two cuts in the top reed - a good cutting call - makes an aggressive raspy sound that can be used in woods and the competition level of calling.


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